Koko was adopted when he was about 9 months
old from a family who did not have the time or the
energy to deal with him and his brother.  Koko was
very over weight and hyper but Tricia, the trainer,
knew he would make a great working dog.  He
began training the very next day and has
progressed wonderfully over the years.  Lisa and
Koko have had several private trainers who have
provided education and service dog training.  
Koko is a very loyal and supportive companion to
Lisa.  He has helped her through her disability and
continues to help others as a Therapy Dog.
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Photo by Mark Langton
Photo by Mark Langton
To contact Lisa email lisa@therapooch.com
To contact Koko email koko@therapooch.com
Service Dog Training:
Koko has been through many years of intense individual
and group training.  He has passed his Canine Good Citizen
Test along with his Temperment Test.  Koko is trained to
respond when Lisa had a seizure.  He would come lay at her
feet and support her as she woke up.  As her seizures got
worse he was then trained to run and get help.  Koko was
also trained to do several basic service dog tasks such as
retrieving the phone, opening doors, and turning off lights.
Lisa has taught him a variety of tricks wich he performs for
people when they visit schools, hospitals, and elderly
homes.  Koko really enjoys making people smile!  
Retrieving the phone.
Turning off the lights.
Koko and his other service dog friends at
training camp.
Photo by Mark Langton
Koko sits pretty.
Koko performing at an eldery home.  He
has a cookie balancing on his nose
which he will flip and catch in his
Koko is playing dead which is often the
crowd favorite.
Koko and his many
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Seizure Response Dog,
Therapy Dog
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